Victoria of Dallas

Victoria of Dallas is inspired by the true story of the ups and downs of Victoria McCormick’s life and how she survived against all odds. Victoria of Dallas is written to entertain and inspire both men and women, but especially women who identify with the experience of needing to reinvent themselves to survive, and those who have found themselves more in tune with the wants and needs of the men in their lives than their own security and desires.

In this #MeToo moment, readers will identify with the experience of needing to sacrifice their own desires to the wants and needs of the men in their lives for the sake of mere survival. Victoria’s story of overcoming abuse to live life on her own terms will touch readers from any background who have sacrificed too much.


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About the Author

Victoria McCormick came from a small town in northeast Ohio, before fleeing that world for art school in Dallas, Texas. Since then, she has worked as an exotic dancer and an escort in every major metropolitan area of the US and the UK. She’s also run a successful real estate company and worked as a commercial artist, copy writer, and even spent a few claustrophobic years as a suburban housewife. She’s raised two brilliant and successful sons. Today she is happily divorced and lives on the east coast in the US with her cat Pumpkin.