About Victoria McCormick

Victoria McCormick has worked as an escort in every major metropolitan area of the U.S. She’s also run a successful real estate company and worked as an exotic dancer, a commercial artist, ad writer, and even spent a few desperate years as a suburban housewife.

She’s also raised two brilliant and successful sons.

Her first book, Victoria of Dallas, describes the path she took to living a double life as a real estate agent and mother as well as a high priced escort, and the addiction that nearly derailed her life before she found peace in living her life on her own terms.

“Victoria’s writing is as brash, riveting and colorful as her personality. You get 100% Victoria on each page. Her story reminds me of a rollercoaster ride… backwards. That overwhelming knot in your stomach with each unpredictable thump in your gut with that odd conversion from crying to laughter.”

Fred Thomas Jr., Writer, Director