Victoria of Dallas

How One Woman Learned to Give Men What They Wanted Before Discovering How to Give Herself What She Needed.

Inspired by the true story of “Victoria McCormick”

Victoria of Dallas is inspired by the true story of the ups and downs of Victoria McCormick’s life and how she survived against all odds. Victoria of Dallas is written to entertain and inspire both men and women, but especially women who identify with the experience of needing to reinvent themselves to survive, and those who have found themselves more in tune with the wants and needs of the men in their lives than their own security and desires.




Adam and Eve Podcast Interview

Joe, Katy, and Neal welcome special guest, Victoria McCormick to the pod this week. Victoria has lived a life and she’s here to tell you all about her storied past. How does a woman navigate life as an exotic dancer and escort? Her story is one of reinvention and entrepreneurship. If you’d like to hear some truly hilarious and frank discussion about sex work, you’ll definitely want to listen to this amazing episode.